The Most Detailed Safety System Ever

Prevent accidents from happening by understanding what causes them in the first place. Our platform provides all the details you need to measure and manage your way to fewer incidents, better operators, and a safer community.

Use granular data to prevent future accidents

Lussot's analytics platform is built for transit managers who want an easier way to make sense of accident data

By Route

Learn which routes cause you the most trouble, then manage them more effectively

By Situation

Which maneuvers cost you the most? With the right insights, implement the right training.

By Seniority

How experienced are your operators? Can you find trends that can help them be more efficient?

By Training

Can you quickly measure the ROI or effectiveness of your training programs? 

By Weather

Instill more careful processes with operators when weather trends emerge. 

By Age

Do operators of certain age groups struggle with similar problems? Let's train them better.

Stay Compliant

Our platform makes it easy to stay compliant with all FTA and PTASP guidelines to meet your safety objectives

Fatalities by Mode

Safety Events by Mode

Measure against VRM

Measure baseline performance

Simple NTD Reporting

Injuries by Mode

System Reliability by Mode

Log miles between failures

Identify new performance targets

Excellent internal reporting

Customize all your safety reports

Every organization measures different metrics... Lussot's analytics platform is built for you

Can you easily manage your system's safety?

Do you use long paper reports that take too much time to process?

Do your paper based collision reports cost you time, money, and accuracy?

Are you limited in what metrics you can track because you're not using a customized system?

Are your safety processes too reactive to identify trends and prevent accidents?

Are your operator's statements too vague and subjective to make actionable conclusions?

Can you reduce your insurance claims, save money, and be a safer organization?

If you answered yes to these, you need Lussot

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It's simple, and you'll be glad you did.

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