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Private fleet operators that operate commuter routes and corporate shuttles need to innovate now more than ever. Lussot's platform provides an ecosystem of tools to boost revenue and deliver for your customers.

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Are you struggling to grow your fleet business?

Are you competing against more and more fleet operators to win corporate contracts?

Can you show corporate clients ROI for using your shuttle services?

Are you struggling to find growth in your fleet operations business?

Can you provide differentiators like tracking, booking, and digital payments?

Can you offer technology solutions that enable better customer loyalty?

Are you currently racing to the bottom to win corporate contracts?

Unleash your full potential

Lussot provides all the right tools to improve your fleet business 


Offer your passengers a mobile experience where they can schedule, book, and pay in one place.


Schedule driver routes, measure ridership, and prove ROI for your corporate customers.


Plan maintenance for your vehicles using real data to reduce costs and improve performance.

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Demand Generation

Publicize your corporate routes to increase revenue for you and your customers.


Manage your relationships in one place to gain insights and boost sales with our CRM plugins.


Our team and relationships bring decades of industry experience to solve transit challenges.

and more...

Leverage our experience, people, and tools to customize any product, build something new, and wow your customers.

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Are you interested in partnering?

Here's what we're doing to increase revenue for our fleet partners, incentivize corporations, and promote shared mobility services

We partner with you and your corporate clients to create mass transit alternatives to promote shared mobility, reduce congestion, and roll back pollution.

We publicize your existing private routes to earn more revenue for your fleet business and create new routes for corporate employees and other similar commuters in the area.

We measure our positive impact on cities by the reduction in personal vehicles and increase in shared mobility. Creating a new material form of subsidized transit for our cities' future.

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