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Use our existing suite of tools to track your performance, make data driven decisions, and ramp up your ridership goals. Be customer centric with all of your tools.

The best managers solve problems with the best tools

The Lussot Dashboard is built for transit professionals who want a better look at their fleet performance

Use our all of our features, or customize your own

Every team has their own needs. Use our out of the box workflows or create one that matches your style.

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Lussot products are easy to set up, and will optimize your fleet


Wow your stakeholders with analytics

Use the best tools to customize your data and tell meaningful stories


Make sense of your fleets raw data. Tell Lussot what you want to quantify, and we'll build an engine that tells a powerful story.


Create unique metrics to capture meaningful data. With our platform you can connect the dots to create custom reporting functions for your fleet.


Track vehicle depreciation, feedback from passengers, and many other data points. Then make the right decisions for your business.


Use all of your connected data to solve important problems for your passengers. Track their feedback, then solve their problems.


Find our where your operational disconnects are, then connect them. Data lets you see the fragmented puzzle pieces, then put them together.


Sharing your metrics has never been easier. Point, click, and export to share with your stakeholders to get the resources you need.

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