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The future of transit is happening now. With 5G rollouts, super-apps, and MaaS applications, you need the best advice, now. Use our existing ecosystem to solve your toughest transit problems.

What will define your future?

The transportation landscape is evolving at an incredible pace. Be equipped to thrive in the years to come

Digitize Your Transit Operations

Let's take a holistic look at your transit operations and create value beyond price for your customers. Lussot is the  customer-centric platform that puts passengers first.

Drive customer loyalty

Without customer adoption, no product or service will make a lasting impact. Take our customer-centric approach to solving transit problems and apply them to your fleet.

Engage New Partners

In the emerging mobility landscape, partnerships of all shapes and sizes are needed to create new ecosystems and innovative business models.

Improve demand generation

Whether you're a public or private fleet operator, ridership is king. And in the mobile era, fleet operators are taking a crash course in promoting their services effectively.


Take bold steps forward

Create an equitable mobility ecosystem that's passenger first


Customizations that make your life easy

Built with you and your passengers in mind, we make everything tailored to you

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It's simple, and you'll be glad you did.

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