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Behind every great transit system is a group of people dedicated to creating better communities through transit.


From our first breath as a company, our mission has been to make passengers happy. That's the lens we look through to build our products.

Join us on our journey to build more equitable communities through smarter transportation services, ecosystems, and business models.



It all started while reading an article on carpooling in Scientific American... after removing legislation supporting ridesharing, Jakarta saw an 87% increase in rush hour traffic.

So we had the crazy idea of creating alternatives to mass transit. We crowdsourced new routes through parents at our local elementary school.

They would trek through snow and rain, and heat and humidity only to get to work soaked in precipitation and perspiration. Oh, by the way, we were doing the trekking too.

So, what if we could use these things in our pockets to connect with other, similar passengers? That's when we began to build transit products that solve real, practical, passenger problems.

Now, almost two years later, our concept has grown into a team spanning three different continents, creating better customer experiences at every turn. 

Our mission is to make our our streets more drivable, our cities more livable, and our world more sustainable. Together we can pass on a better world to the next generation.





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