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Manage all of your fleet's needs in one place with the Lussot Dashboard. Schedule routes, manage drivers, accept payments, aggregate ridership data, and much more...

Can you improve your transit operations?

Do you use multiple software solutions to manage your fleet operations?

Do you still accept cash and paper ticket books from your riders?

Can you send real time notifications to riders from your drivers and dispatchers?

Are you using customer-centric technology that your riders love to use?

Are your riders able to track your fleet in real time with your mobile app?

Can you aggregate real time ridership reporting to make data-driven decisions?

Use the best tools

Simplify your operations

Wow your passengers

Unleash your full potential

Lussot provides all the right tools to improve your fleet business 


Offer your passengers a mobile experience where they can schedule, book, and pay in one place.


Schedule driver routes, measure ridership, and leverage our data & analytics platform to report upstream.


Plan maintenance for your vehicles using real data to reduce costs and improve performance.


Asset Management

Use our platform to measure your fleet's health, make purchasing decisions, and share relevant data.

Coming Soon

Digital Payments

Our FSA and Commuter Benefits eligible payments platform allows for seamless payments for your services.

Safety Management

Create a culture of safety you can be proud of with the most granular SMS system ever built. Predict and prevent.


Our team and relationships bring decades of industry experience to solve transit challenges.

and more...

Leverage our experience, people, and tools to customize any product, build something new, and wow your customers.

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Lussot can help you with:

Fixed Commuter Routes

Crowdsourcing Demand

CRM Integrations

Ridership Reporting

Fleet Tracking

Fleet Diagnostics

Customer Service

Custom Mobile Apps

White-Labeled Apps

Digital Payments

Bulk Ticket Purchasing

Driver Performance

Point Deviation Routes

Marketing Integrations

Real Time Notifications

On-Demand Routes

Digital Wallets

And More...

If you operate a fleet, you need Lussot

What makes Lussot different from other software providers?

Lussot began as a crowdsourced commuting company focused on improving the customer experience. After thousands of customer interviews and consumer research, we began running our own routes through fleet partnerships. That's when we realized that fleets needed to improve their infrastructure to deliver exquisite user experiences. 

We're different because we're riders. We're users. We're customer first.


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A Connected Platform To Run Your Fleet 

Most fleets use broken processes and outdated technologies to manage their transit system. Our holistic platform of tools simplifies your operations, makes you more efficient, and improves your passengers' experience.

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